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Wood Pens

Wood Pens Mikhal

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Signature pens can cost a lot of money but you don’t have to be a collector to want to own one.While pens can be made from all sorts of materials and can come in different designs, sizes, and price tags, nothing is still more special than a wooden pen, as they are often hand-made, unique, and of high-quality. When it comes to hand-made pens, Harding Pens is a name that stands out.

Established by Professional Engineer and part time wood-turner Brad Harding in 2005, Canadian-based Harding Pens offers special pens handcrafted from various types of wood. Using over thirty types of wood, Brad Harding makes lovely wood turned items in his workshop using a wood lathe. You can find pens made from various types of wood including but not limited to: African Blackwood, Beech, Bloodwood, Bubinga, California Redwood, Cedar, Cherry, Maple, Marblewood, Sapele, Teak, Walnut, and Zebra Wood. Every pen he makes in his workshop is special and uniqe, as each is carefully handcrafted and turned to perfection. Instead of changing the natural beauty of the wood he uses, he enhances them by “exposing their natural beauty” and by adding chrome-plated, silver-plated, and sometimes, gold-plated hardware. While each pen is limited-edition, Harding Pens also accepts custom orders so you can have a particular design made even if it is no longer in stock.

Sierra African Blackwood Pen with Chrome Hardware

Sierra African Blackwood Pen with Chrome HardwareSource: Harding Pens

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